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We are a world-class, knowledge-based service delivery organization. We provide training, consulting and coaching services to organizations in Nigeria and across Africa. We partner with organizations to achieve breakthrough results by helping them with strategy design and execution, leadership effectiveness, culture optimization, peak performance and people development, and emotional intelligence training and consulting services.


At Strategy House, we know that to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment, leading organizations must focus their attention on five critical areas:


1. Strategy Design and Execution: Organizational success begins with strategic clarity. Without strategic clarity, nothing else matters. Strategic clarity helps organizations harness internal resources and exploit external opportunities, creating a quantum leap in value for customers and the organization.


2. Leadership Effectiveness: In today’s hypercompetitive environment, it takes leadership that is visionary—the ability to see opportunities where others see challenges, decisive—to make the tough decisions to pursue those opportunities, and disciplined—to follow through with execution—to maximize today’s business opportunities and achieve breakthrough results.


3. Culture Optimization and Transformation: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (quote attributed to Peter F. Drucker). Ultimately, organizational culture determines the accomplishment of strategy. Without aligning your corporate culture with your strategy, executing the strategy would be a mirage.


4. Peak Performance and People Development: Winning organizations achieve breakthrough results with people who are engaged, motivated, and competent, what we term EMC. We help individuals to become more effective by providing practical tools for improving their effectiveness


5. Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is beyond self-control! It is also about motivating oneself and marshalling positive emotions to deliver excellence despite how you feel.

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Our Commitment Is Bottom-line Impact

Join with our experienced team of coaches, we provide tailored guidance and support to help you reach your highest potential. From work-life balance to communication skills, our team of experts are here to help you reach your fullest potential. Let us help you unlock your potential today!


Why you should do business with us

Leading Experts

Our faculty are leading experts in strategy design and execution, leadership effectiveness, culture optimization, and emotional intelligence. As certified coaches, experts and authors, we also have access to world-renowned thought leaders in all our business areas which we can call upon in our training and consulting engagement.

Relevant Frameworks and Concepts

We employ relevant frameworks and concepts developed in-house and from top business schools to help our clients solve their most challenging business and people problems. Using real-life cases and practical examples, we equip our clients with the courage and zeal for introspection and the exploration of different ways of thinking and acting.

Effective Facilitation Approach

We align our presentation methods best to fit our audience’s learning styles and preferences. Our interactive approach to facilitation encourages active audience participation through small and large group activities, video sessions, integrative quizzes, role-plays, simulations and other activities.

Fun and Engaging Sessions

There is no dull moment in our training programs! We make learning fun and interesting.

Post-Training Strategy

We challenge our audience to create action plans for execution in the workplace. We provide additional resources and follow-up to ensure participants are adequately equipped to improve their on-the-job performance.

Bottom-line Impact

Our promise is simple—to help our clients achieve a quantum leap in performance and ensure that they get the best value for money for engaging our services.

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