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Leading For Results

Ultimately, Leadership Is About Improving Organisational Results.

What sets successful companies apart? A bevy of recent research suggests that effective leadership is the single most important determinant of organisational success today. That is, the difference between a high performing organisation and a mediocre organisation is the quality of its leadership.


Leadership development, therefore, is the missing link between success and failure in many organisations. The Leading for Results Programme is designed to help leaders lead their people and teams to achieve extraordinary results using our I.M.P.A.C.T Model of Leadership.


 Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the 4Ps of leadership—person, people, process and performance.

2. Recognise the four areas great leaders must achieve results—employees, organisational, customers and shareholders.

3. Understand how great leaders unlock extraordinary performance.

4. Use the I.M.P.A.C.T Model to lead their teams to achieve extraordinary results..

5. Learn how to engage their people and build high-performance teams.


Organisational Transformation
Organisational Transformation

Do You Want To Transform Your Organisation And Transform Your Results?

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, organisations must not only be highly efficient in executing their business strategies, but they must also play a different game to win – challenge industry assumptions, redraw the boundaries of competition and rewrite the rules of the game.


Our Organisational Transformation Masterclass focuses on the six pillars that great organisations built their successes on, our E.A.S.I.E.R. Framework. Participants would learn how to Manage Corporate Turnarounds, Leading Change and Leading People and Organisations to achieve breakthrough results.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn how managerial frames determine organisational response and results.

2. Recognise and overcome the blindfolds that hold organisations back.

3. Appreciate the contribution of organizational health to organisational results.

4. Distinguish between change and transformation.

5. Identify the necessity for transformational change.

6. Use the 3S concept to get buy-in for transformational change initiatives.

7. Apply the E.A.S.I.E.R. Framework to lead organisational transformation.


Strategic Innovation Masterclass
Strategic Innovation Masterclass

Break Out Of The Pack And Achieve Extraordinary Results

To survive and prosper in today’s tough economic climate with hypercompetitive pressures, organisations need to strategically control their destiny by innovating their way to new market positions. As Peter Drucker noted, to create their futures. “Me-too” products and services will not work any longer as today’s market is unforgiving.


Strategic innovation is about new approaches to doing businesses, including new business models. Combining the principles of breakthrough strategy and the disciplines of innovation, our STRATEGIC INNOVATION MASTERCLASS is designed for companies that want to break out of the pack and achieve extraordinary results.


 Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify the necessity of strategic innovation in the business.

2. Understand three ways to win in today’s tough climate.

3. Distinguish between innovation and invention.

4. Understand the concepts of breakthrough strategy.

5. Learn the six key components of a breakthrough value proposition.

6. Identify the components of a viable business model.

7. Learn the different types of innovation.

8. Apply the concepts of breakthrough strategy and innovation to design an innovation blueprint for your organisation.


The Disciplines of Growth

Achieve Double-Digit Growth

Most companies desire to grow, to meet organisational objectives, but very few actually grow year-on-year. Why? In our opinion, Growth = Desires x Disciplines That is, it takes more than desire or setting targets to grow a company, and it takes more than intentions to become a great organisation. There are certain disciplines (or practices) that guarantee growth or help one to achieve organisational outcomes.


This highly intensive, interactive and practical Workshop on THE DISCIPLINES OF GROWTH has been designed to help senior business leaders responsible for driving growth and achieving organisational outcomes to achieve their performance objectives by practising four disciplines.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify the two characteristics of growing companies.

2. Recognise the “Five Paths to Perdition”.

3. Learn the common internal hindrances to growth.

4. Understand how to make the tweaks in their organisational culture to grow.

5. Recognise growth opportunities in the external environment.

6. Strategically pursue growth opportunities in the external environment.

7. Learn how to execute their growth strategies effectively.


Translating Strategy To Action
Translating Strategy To Action

Do You Want To Guarantee That Your Organisation Will Achieve Its Strategic

Robert M. Grant, author of Contemporary Strategy Analysis noted,“Without effective implementation, the best-laid strategies are of little use.” But what exactly is implementation or execution? Donald Sull, Rebecca Homkes, and Charles Sull in their Harvard Business Review article Why Strategy Execution Unravels—and What to Do About It defines execution as, “The ability to seize opportunities aligned with strategy while coordinating with other parts of the organisation on an ongoing basis.”


The Translating Strategy to Action Programme is designed for leaders responsible for designing and implementing the strategic objectives of their organizations.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn the four common causes of execution failures.

2. Appreciate the role of designing a strategy that is implementable.

3. Identify the leadership actions and attributes that contribute to good execution.

4. Identify the leverage behaviours in executing the strategy and communicate them effectively.

5. Learn how to build accountability for performance into strategic conversations.

6. Apply the daily disciplines that guarantee execution success.


Understanding & Designing Winning Business Strategy
Understanding & Designing Winning Business Strategy

Does Your Organisation Have A Winning Business Strategy?

Strategy is an organisation’s response to the external environment (customer demand and competition). A.G Lafley (former Chairman and CEO of Procter & Gamble) and Roger L. Martin (former Dean of Rotman School of Management) in their bestselling book Playing To Win—How Strategy Really Works defines strategy as “an integrated set of choices that uniquely positions the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition.”


Often what people call strategy is not strategy but pure fluff—high-sounding words that have no strategic intent or direction. This course will help the participants understand the concept of strategy, develop and sharpen their strategic thinking skills, and apply the principles of business strategy to succeed in their businesses.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Appreciate the role that strategy playsin business success.

2. Understand what strategy really is and is not.

3. Recognise the three foundations of every effective business strategy.

4. Understand the concept of competitive advantages and the sources of power.

5. Lean how to apply the concept of strategic positioning.

6. Recognise different strategic moves based on the nature of your industry.

7. Apply strategic thinking to design winning business strategies.


Leading With Emotional Intelligence
Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Improve Organisational Results With Emotional Intelligence

Whether leaders realise it or not, the experiences they create daily while interacting with their team members and other employees in the company shape the culture of the organisation. Hence, the effectiveness of leadership is critical to the culture, and in turn bottom line results.


As Daniel Goleman noted, emotional intelligence is central to leadership. It provides the underpinnings of collaboration, acceptance, and motivation – essentially, the core intangibles that cultivate a winning workforce.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the many facets and importance of emotional intelligence.

2. Learn how the leader’s emotional intelligence affects his/her ability to lead and build effective relationships to deliver business outcomes.

3. Develop their emotional intelligence competencies in the four areas—Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness & Relationship Management) and apply it in the workplace to achieve business objectives.

4. Learn how to hold difficult conversations with the team to improve business results.

5. Demonstrate flexibility across leadership styles and develop personal strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of their leadership styles..


Personal Productivity Plus!

Do You Want Your People To Double Their Productivity?

To win in today’s landscape requires organizations to be filled with productive people throughout the organization. But for many organizations, energy is dissipated in frivolities, consequently, success is a mirage. 



We believe that any organization can succeed by understanding and applying our Person Productivity Plus principles. The principles have been designed to help leaders at all levels learn how to double their productivity within 90-days. Participants will understand the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to deliver RESULTS consistently on the job while learning to manage their emotions and the emotions of others.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the results equation—the foundation of personal productivity.

2. Recognize the mental shifts required to improve productivity.

3. Learn how to set and achieve outrageous goals.

4. Time management essentials.

5. Design a personal ROADMAP for excellence.

6. Learn how to stay the course until results are achieved.


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