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Culture Optimization and Transformation

Imagine going skydiving with a faulty parachute. What the parachute is to skydiving, culture is to the organization. Without the right culture, strategic goals will need a “miracle” to achieve them.


Therefore, the critical question to ask as you plan for 2023 and beyond is, “Can your culture support your strategy?”


The authors of the Harvard Business Review article on Creating and Sustaining a Winning Culture, Paul Meehan, Darrell Rigby, and Paul Rogers, wrote, “Strategy matters—sure. But without a winning culture to drive it forward, your strategy is taking you nowhere.”


Think of all the beautiful, well-bounded, and expensive strategic plans that have been thrown into the dustbin of history due to poor execution. In Winning organizations, there is a disciplined culture of execution manifesting in disciplined processes, systems, and people. We help organizations tweak and align their culture to achieve their desired results.


We begin by performing a culture audit to ascertain the current culture; then, we work to define the optimum culture and design strategies for closing the culture gap.


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