Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Improve Organisational Results with Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional intelligence is particularly central to leadership, a role whose essence is getting others to do their jobs more effectively. Interpersonal ineptitude in leaders lowers everyone’s performance.”

Whether leaders realise it or not, the experiences they create daily while interacting with their team members and other employees in the company shape the culture of the organisation. Hence, the effectiveness of leadership is critical to the culture, and in turn bottom line results.
As Daniel Goleman noted, emotional intelligence is central to leadership. It provides the underpinnings of collaboration, acceptance, and motivation – essentially, the core intangibles that cultivate a winning workforce.

At the end of the course, participants would:
• Understand the many facets and importance of emotional intelligence
• Learn how the leader’s emotional intelligence affects his/her ability to lead and build effective relationships to deliver business outcomes
• Develop their emotional intelligence competencies in the four areas—Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness & Relationship Management) and apply it in the workplace to achieve business objectives
• Learn how to hold difficult conversations with the team to improve business results
• Demonstrate flexibility across leadership styles and develop personal strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of their leadership styles.