Personal Productivity Plus!

Do You Want Your People to Double Their Productivity?

“There’s only one way a business will win in the new world we’re in…by growing and developing the leadership talent of every single person throughout the organisation faster than their competition.”

To win in today’s landscape requires organisations to be filled with productive people throughout the organisation. But for many organisations, energy is dissipated in frivolities, consequently, success is a mirage.
We believe that any organisation can succeed by understanding and applying our Person Productivity Plus principles. The principles have been designed to help leaders at all levels learn how to double their productivity within 90-days. Participants will understand the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to deliver RESULTS consistently on the job while learning to manage their emotions and the emotions of others.

At the end of the course, participants would:
• Understand the results equation—the foundation of personal productivity
• Recognise the mental shifts required to improve productivity
• Learn how to set and achieve outrageous goals
• Time management essentials
• Design a personal ROADMAP for excellence
• Learn how to stay the course until results are achieved