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Strategic Innovation Masterclass

Strategic Innovation Masterclass
Strategic Innovation Masterclass

Break Out Of The Pack And Achieve Extraordinary Results

To survive and prosper in today’s tough economic climate with hypercompetitive pressures, organisations need to strategically control their destiny by innovating their way to new market positions. As Peter Drucker noted, to create their futures. “Me-too” products and services will not work any longer as today’s market is unforgiving.


Strategic innovation is about new approaches to doing businesses, including new business models. Combining the principles of breakthrough strategy and the disciplines of innovation, our STRATEGIC INNOVATION MASTERCLASS is designed for companies that want to break out of the pack and achieve extraordinary results.


 Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify the necessity of strategic innovation in the business.

2. Understand three ways to win in today’s tough climate.

3. Distinguish between innovation and invention.

4. Understand the concepts of breakthrough strategy.

5. Learn the six key components of a breakthrough value proposition.

6. Identify the components of a viable business model.

7. Learn the different types of innovation.

8. Apply the concepts of breakthrough strategy and innovation to design an innovation blueprint for your organisation.


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