Who We Are

We are a world-class, knowledge-based service delivery organisation. We provide training, consulting and coaching services to organisations in Nigeria and across Africa. At Strategy House, we know that to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment, leading organisationsmust focus their attention on four critical areas:

  • Idea & Strategy: Organisational success begins with strategic clarity. Without strategic clarity, nothing else matters. Strategic clarity helps organisations to harness internal resources and exploit external opportunities, creating a quantum leap in value for customers and the organisation.
  • Leadership: In today’s hypercompetitive environment, it takes leadership that is visionary—the ability to see opportunities where others see challenges, decisive—to make the tough decisions to pursue those opportunities, and disciplined—to follow through with execution—to maximise today’s business opportunities and achieve breakthrough results.
  • Culture & Execution: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (quote attributed to Peter F. Drucker). Ultimately, organisational culture determines the accomplishment of strategy. Withour aligning culture, incentives and processes with your strategy, executing the strategy would be a mirage.
  • People: Winning organisations achieve breakthrough results with people who are engaged, motivated, and competent, what we term EMC.

Strategy House partners with organisations to achieve breakthrough results by working with them in the areas of ideation and strategy formulation, leadership effectiveness, culture, business transformation and execution, people development and deployment.  


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